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Small is beautiful!
The sense of the small, of the small producer, of the small artisan.
But small is a state of mind, not a physical measure.
“Today we suffer from an almost universal idolatry for gigantism. Therefore it is necessary to insist on the virtues of the small size, at least wherever it is applicable”

Ernst Fiedrich Schumacher, German economist, philosopher and writer (1911-1977)


Founded in 1972 by SERGIO BRIANI, the company quickly established itself and specialized in the production of tools for woodworking.

Over the years, while maintaining an artisan company structure, BRIANI has invested in advanced technology machinery and highly skilled staff and expanded the typology of its products with tools to work aluminum, CORIAN®, plastics, plasterboard and ALUCOBOND®.

With the entry of TIZIANA BRIANI, the founder's daughter, and her husband CAMILLO MUSSETTI during the 80 / 90s, the COMPANY moved away from the tendency to conceive development in terms of growth and approached the concept of development as evolution. "Zero growth" will accompany BRIANI for over 30 years; where "zero growth" means to work, produce and sell by taking into consideration the quality of the products and not only the quantity of what has been produced. Its thinking will always be "do better", not "do more". This will be confirmed by the customers' appreciation of its wide range of insert tools for which it is the most qualified in Italy.

Despite the latest economic crisis that has put a strain on the Western countries, from 2007 onwards the COMPANY has concentrated its efforts to meet all demands, from standard tools to special ones, thanks to a solid but versatile structure of customer service.

Currently, with the second generation, namely with MIRO MUSSETTI, the founder's grandson, BRIANI waits ready for the restart of the economy in the knowledge that small companies like BRIANI, with their greater degree of humanity and trust in their staff and consequently with their higher ability to create innovation and value, are considered the ideal organization to aim to.

Through the INTERNET, BRIANI will try to get the maximum out of the minimum, by reducing the cost of distance cooperation between people.

New projects are in preparation. Moving against the common trend, as compared to some competitors willing to renounce quality for quantity, BRIANI will work to maintain quality standards knowing that this will be beneficial for everyone, but above all for its customers, which were, are and will always be the ultimate aim of any of its projects.